Monday, August 18, 2008

More phuket..

Hohohohohoo.....sungguh sronok upload2 gamba and tulis sket2.. mmg mudah.. no wonder izzu suka buat mcm ni.. i can now relate and understand why..

this is the theater where u can see gajah, itik, ayam, harimau, lembu..basically all sorts of animals running around the stage. they can act!!! yes!! tak bohong..they can really act!!  its a theatrical show made by the animals, humans and with a dash of latest tech = fabulous show. no wonder la people like celebrities around the world came here to watch the show..

this small gajah is actually 40 years old!! forgot her name. but she was soo cute and manja.. tapi aku takut gak la..lepas amik gamba tu, belalai dia cuba nak fondle2 aku...i dont do least for
the same theater - profile

Ni masa baru sampai on the first day. at the hotel's lobby. refreshing lemon grass and lime juice... love it!

inilah rupa bilik saya... ada dua queen size bed..sentap kene sharing last2 minute.. tak dapat nak cik cur...cis

more to come~

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