Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Meracau lagi -MR CURIOSITY

Hi there.. seperti biasa, on and off aku akan menghidap penyakit jiwa dan kali ni agak sakit jugak la.. bulan ni sungguh keji... a lot of things did not go my way and i'm tired of pulling positive attitude every single time. I've made up my mind, next year will be a new beginning for me. I'm moving forward with a new life. I foresee that things might be hard but i'm certain that i can make it. If i can do it now, i can still do it tomorrow... Plus, what is the worse thing that can happen? I bunuh diri ja pun.. so takde la serious mana sangat.

Hey Mr. Curiosity
Is it true what they've been saying about you
Are you killing me?
You took care of the cat already
And for those who think it's heavy
Is it the truth
Or is it only gossip
Call it mystery or anything
Just as long as you'd call me
I sent the message on did you get it when I left it
See this catastrophic event
It wasn't meant to mean no harm
But to think there's nothing wrong is a problem

I'm looking for love this time
Sounding hopeful but it's making me cry
Love is a mystery
Mr. Curious...

Come back to me
Mr. waiting ever patient can't you see
That I'm the same the way you left me
In a hurry to spell check me
And I'm underlined already in envy green
And pencil red
And I've forgotten what you've said
Will you stop working for the dead and return
Mr. curious well I need some inspiration
It's my birthday and I cannot find no cause for celebration
The scenario is grave but I'll be braver when you save me
From this situation laden with hearsay

I'm looking for love this time
Sounding hopeful but it's making me cry
And love is a mystery
Mr. Curiosity
Be Mr. please
Do come and find me, oh
Find, find me, find me

I'm looking for love this time
Sounding hopeful but it's making me cry
Trying not to ask why
Cause love is a mystery
Mr. curiosity
Be Mr. please
Do come and find me

Love is blinding when the timing's never right
Oh who am I to beg for difference
Finding love in just an instant
Well I dont mind, at least I've tried
And I tried, I tried...

Monday, December 8, 2008

Rindu Bayangan

Ayo. I langsung tak tau yang org ni taruk video clip dia dlm You tube tau. so i nak bantu la create visibility utk dia. Manala tau bleh jadi the next Marie Digby kan? Klau dapat, i nak claim royalty for making you famous! Are you enjoy? (kata Ella)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rombongan kanak2 istimewa part 2


....................................................................................................Yuhuuu~ cikgu dah kembali sekali lagi. cikgu tak sangka ramai kanak2 diluar sana yang seronok tengok kekanak riang yang cikgu lampirkan beberapa hari sudah. 

Bukan senang nak tengok anak2 murid beketempiaran seperti kene ligan babi hutan itu. cikgu juga mendapat respon positif daripada khalayak ramai berkenaan tema pemakaian anak sekolah tersebut. Ya, di sekolah cikgu, memang kami mementingkan adat pemakaian kerana ia
nya melambangkan sahsiah pelajar dan sekolah itu sendiri.

Wawasan dan visi sekolah adalah melahirkan anak2 istimewa yang beketerampilan dan juga berwawasan! Tak perchaya? cikgu sertakan lagi beberapa keping gambar untuk tatapan anda semua ya!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rombongan sekolah kanak2 istimewa ke sungai part 1

Adik2 semua, di beberapa minggu yang lepas, cikgu telah membawak sekumpulan kanak2 istimewa ke sungai untuk berkelah. Mereka semua sungguh gembira apabila tiba di sana. Kesemuanya begitu ceria dan berketempiaran seolah2 dunia mahu kiamat keesokannya. Saksikan la beberapa gambaran kanak2 istimewa ini dan selamilah kegembiraan mereka...

inilah aksi2 kanak2 istimewa menunjukan terima kasih mereka kepada cikgu

Nanti cikgu taruk lagi gamba2 lain ye... jangan ponteng sekolah~ sekolah itu bagus.

Monday, December 1, 2008

So u think u can pose?

Sebelum i post gamba2 yg related kepada artifak dibawah.. u guys ketawa la beguling2 dulu tgk video nih.. nasa jgn tarik rambut i~~

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bangkok Love Story - Story To Tell

I have said so much about this movie over and over (not to mention literally making people watching it no matter what) to many people, so this time i will give a glimpse of what the story is all about. 

Bangkok love story tells you about Mhek, an assassin who is assigned to kidnap a police informant named It, but Mhek has a change of heart when he was ordered to kill It. In a gunbattle with his employers, Mhek got wounded. 

The two of them managed to escape and at Mhek's place, It tends to Mhek's wound and started taking care of Mhek from that day onwards. It started more like paying back at Mhek's gesture for not killing him but love comes touching both of their hearts over time.

Chaiwat Tongsang as It (Brick)

You can feel the love building up and grows everyday from the way they react and communicate through their body language. It is also quite obvious that It was the one acting like the submissive type that he tends to get emotional and apologetic towards Mhek's reactions or orders.

Mhek on the other hand had a lot in his plate to juggle with. He can't deny his feeling telling him that he cares for It but he tries to fight it. Perhaps it got to do with his past experience when his brother (very cute, i think he should play the lead instead) was raped by their step father. 

Making things worse, the step dad is HIV positive. Transmitting down the disease to Mhok (Mhek's cute brother) and their mother. Mhek became an assassin to save enough money to take his mother and brother away from Bangkok to some mountain where they can live as a family again without disturbance from their past.

Rattaballung Toesawat as Mhek (Cloud)

However thing does not go easy on their family as when Mhek was away, Mhok has to find way to keep the family survive. Mhok is always physically bullied and received resentment from people around him for being HIV carrier. The torture that he has to deal everyday breaks his mom's heart even more (of course broke my heart even-so).

During the time Mhek was fighting and glooming over his forbidden love towards It and also the fact that his ex-employer is on the look for him, he was unable to meet Mhok, a secret regular meeting he always have, to give Mhok money for the family. This had made Mhok looking for alternative to keep themselves live.

Mhok decided to sell himself. He then became a male prostitute. Each customer that he had slept with, he will leave a note thanking them for the money given and leave half of the portion back to the owner for his future HIV meds. Thoughtful but not quite responsible.

Meanwhile, It got chased out from Mhek's place and went back to his house. Back to his wife. But things weren't the same. It craves for Mhek more and more and he can't get it out of his system. It spends his days pining over Mhek, and tracks down Mhek's brother and their mother since Mhek is nowhere to be found.

What breaks my heart even more was that they always appear at the same place at the same time but always at the wrong directions. It frustrates me to see that they are within reach but not reachable. 

Unfortunate event keeps on pouring to Mhek's family when their mom committed suicide after finding out Mhek was in love with a guy and Mhok sells himself for money to support the family. Suicide was just not enough for their half-dead mom; while bringing the body outside of their house, the mom was shot by unknown man. 

This was the turning point for Mhek. He was outraged by the incident. He went to his ex-boss place and started to eliminate every single one there. It knows about Mhek's intention after Mhok had told him about it.

Poor It who wishes to stop Mhek but wasn't so lucky. When It got there, everyone was dead except for the big boss wife who let loose few random shots towards him. Bullets hit glass and pieces of it went into It's eyes.

Weeradit Srimalai as Mhok (Fog)

Mhek was on his way to meet Mhok at train station. They were supposed to go the mountains and start a new life. Unfortunately, the cops came with such right timing and apprehended him and sent him to prison. Mhek was devastated. All of his hopes were torn into pieces. Everything was practically washed away right there in front of his eyes.

Years pass by. Mhok dies. He hanged himself at a hospice in northern Thailand. It visits Mhek in prison and reveals that he was left blind in the final gunbattle with Mhek's bosses. Eventually after so many years, Mhek is released from prison, and It patiently waited for him. 

But before the two men can leave to start their life together, Mhek is gunned down by an assassin. Before Mhek was dead, both of them were discussing to live abroad and Mhek promising It to be his eyes for the rest of his life.

It eventually gets his sight back- now living abroad, and the first thing he does is to look at his mobile phone, which has a video of Mhek telling how much he actually loves It - till the moment death tears them apart.........

Fuhh! I'm not so much of a story teller but that is the best i can come out with. GO and watch it yourself and i'm telling you that it is well worth every minute watching it. In my next installment, i will try to write on reflections that i had from this movie. It would be too long to write it in this post already.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Am i depressed?

Deviating from my previous posting, this had somehow strikes me to write in my blog instantly... should i become a person that i have not, please....help me find myself out...

Have to give credit to sasa for posting similar topic in her blog. I've taken the depression screening test and guess what? clinically, i am depress! OMG, i dont want to be the next carolline...here is what the test results said:

Results and recommendations

Your screening results indicate a high likelihood that you are suffering from severe depression. --> SEVERE? you must be joking me!! i dont feel like i'm severely depressed whatsover! tipu sangat!

Your answers also show you might be at risk for harming yourself. --> i would rather harm other people first. that shows that i'm not severely depressed rite?

You are advised to see your doctor or a mental health professional immediately for a complete evaluation - or dial "911" - or call 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255). - or go immediately to the nearest hospital Emergency Room for an evaluation. --> so how? nak tepon mak i la.. she would know who to refer to.. dont think if i go to the ER saying that i need help on managing my depression and they will say "welcome! we're here to help" orang patah kaki accident pun kene tunggu berjam..ni kan aku yg sihat physically...haih...

This screening is not a substitute for a complete clinical evaluation.

The good news is clinical depression is a very treatable illness. Almost everyone who receives appropriate treatment can soon feel better. --> treatable? i've seen people (my own colleagues) went bonkers and having to live on lifetime medication... how can that be treatable? u tell me!

Dear Readers,

Due to the urgency of my overwhelming feelings towards my recent experience watching this awesome movie- Bangkok Love Story, i wish to inform that i shall be writing about it instead of continuing my normal emotional diarrhea/tantrum about things that had happened in my daily life.

For those who are familiar with my critical-centric cum cynical and sarcastic style of writing, i  pledge to keep an objective view of my watching experience for this one. However, do look out on the emotional perspective of my review as i will ensure the essence of if  to be assimilated and emulsified together.

I strongly hope that this shall benefit even perhaps inspires people out there to dig into the bigger picture of the story-line rather than just seeing it from skin deep. Please wait for my next post and while waiting, enjoy the trailer that i have attached together with this letter.

I thank you for your patient and passion in advance.

Warm regards

wahahahhahaha... berhasil jgk la aku gi course persuasive writing skill aritu.. ada hasil ka? la la la la la

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

tak abis2 lagi ke nangis tu?

recap: di episod lepas, i telah berhenti dikala mana i dan jez begitu terkejut dengan jawaban aritha yang begitu unexpected ituew. di episode ni merupakan episode akhir yg i akan wrap up supaya i bley start meracau pasal benda2 lain yg lebih segar sperti, i telah dipechlob oleh colleague i to my girlfriend, another pechlob scene oleh colleague yg sama kepada my close colleague friends, trip i ke bangkok and also recent picnic di tempat air terjun.. merasa banyak benda nak cerita tapi tak tertulis2 sampai skang kan??

selepas i bertahyat akhir ituew i mendapat another text from jez yg berbunyi berikut:
jez: hahaha. kan? aku expect zalina macam tu . but aritha tu mmg aku terkejut i uol.

I rasa2 jez pun terjelepuk di kaki syurga jugak apabila dia dpt message tu mcm i. Just for the sake of trying to understand her position, i pun reply la macam ni and disusuli jez yg somewhat agreed with my assumption,

me: mungkin penangan menjadi bini org kot uols.

jez: hehehe. mungkin jugak. aku tgh tunggu jawaban kak siana ni

bila jez kata dia tunggu fidbek siana(bukan nama sebenar), i secara seraya terfikir yang pompuan ni nak kumpul material utk buat blog ke? dah ala2 posse jadi micheal melodi ni mesti la ada sesuatu kan? sesuatu~ so i pun tanya la dia betul ke? rupanya mmg ada udang disebalik batu...

jez: takde la uols.. i baru pas diskusi nga hadi .. apparently he's on the same page as aritha and zalina.. tapi macam best gak wat survey pastu update blog kan

katanya~! adakah ini bermaksud hadi adalah sesuatu? ops.

me: ayo..hati lembut rupanya laki u. ada bakat...huhu.. yes uols. material yg bagus utk blog. blh brangan satc vs lipstic jungle katanya.

conversation ended there for a while.. i ingat tu kira closure dah la.. tapi tup tup bergetar lagi ciknek i untuk ke sekian kalinya.. amik ko, kali ni mmg sms yg panjang belebar sampai i kene tunggu sampai ke traffic light baru boleh baca bebetul ye! mrasa la jez tulis kat i macam ni:

jez: mrasa jawaban kak siana leh buat cerpen katanya. izzu: for me, the guy sanggup put away his ego and pride hanya untuk dapatkan his gf back. maknanya dia btul2 nak kan gf dia balik sepenuh hati. bukan senang a guy nak nangis. aku pun tak nangis masa breakup sbb aku rasa itu mmg patut. tapi kalau that guy apa benda pun nak nangis, tinggalkan je sbb buat malu je. but u must be convinced with his action. ask him to show u yg dia betul2 nak kat ko. give him a little test, either with words or actions. then u can judge him, whether he really meant it or not.

jez: ayat favorite aku dari jawapan izu - tapi kalau data guy apa benda pun nak nangis, tingggalkan je. buat malu je.

now, we have something to discuss here. apakah kata izu itu valid dan patut dipersetujui? adakah jikalau lelaki tu menangis tanda mengetepikan egonya demi menunjukkan bahawa dia benar2 tulus dan ikhlas dan sesal akan segala perbuatannya?

but izu made a good point by saying that the girl must be convinced enough with his action. but dunia skang ni... semua org pun boleh jadi primadona kan? stakat emmy award for lead actor or actress tu celah puki ja uols...

tapi kalau semanjang benda ko nak nangis.. i rasa mmg patut u baling pintu je kat muka org tu..mcm izzu kata..buat malu je

anyhow, being sarcastic as always juga sebab i nak cucuk lagi supaya lebih heated discussion kami berdua, i balas with something yang i rasa kalau izzu baca i tulis ni dia akan meracau2 tanpa berhenti kat i nanti... kenapa? sbb i tulis balik camni kat jez;

me: hmm..that would explain why people yang pikir guna emosi ended up jadi orang yang paling miserable bila difficult situation hit them. ko stuju?

malangnya, i gagal dapat respond panjang daripada jez. maybe dia dah sedar dia bazir banyak sgt duit discussing about things yang tak kene mengena ngan idup dia kot.. sebagai penutup dia membalas balik sms i tanpa kata bye or putting a closure to our discussion...

jez: yes. agreed. nangis biar sorang2 uols. tak perlu semua org tau

Yup, nangis biar sorang2..tapi sometimes its good to cry in front of others.. to be seen fragile is not always a bad thing......


Monday, November 10, 2008

Shampoo bagi yang bertudung

I tak tahan gelak tgk video clip ni.. mati pecah perut tgk.. uols tak pecaya uols tgk sendiri!

video ini courtesy website kikiki... abisla i mengundang kontroversi ngan opismate i pasni.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Land of Smiles

Sawadikap~ Welcome to the land of smiles =D

Sebelum i meracau2 menaruk gamba2 yg banyak. I nak taruk dulu gamba2 siasatan yg diambil ketika berada di Bangkok itew. Nantikan gamba2 lain yg bakal tiba~ 

p/s: i akan post gamba2 yg i tak post kat Fbook je kat sini.. tak larat la aku nak upload sampai beratus2 gamba kan?

Caption taruk sendrik.. ops..
Kap kun kap~

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mari Dengar Cerita Budak2 Zaman Sekarang

Sempena bulan syawal yang mulia iniew... i posse2 nak muhasabah diri sebelum taruk gamba2 kat bangkok..katanya~

Song/Singer: Lagu Budak2 Zaman Sekarang/5forty2

Mari dengar cerita budak-budak zaman sekarang 2x 
Ada pakai jubah ada yang separuh terlanjang 
Ada macam-macam kulit putih tukar hitam 
Ikut suka hati apa peduli halal haram 

Masa kecik2 cita2 jadik doctor 
Bila besar jadik lupa jadik player jadik gangster
Apa kejadahnya ayah kelu tak berkata mak garu kepala 
Masa depan huru hara 

Orang bercinta dia pon gatal nak ikut 
Bila maruah dah tergadai baru dada rasa semput 
Ini kisah anak dara belum yang lagi pemuda(macam2 ada) 
Sampai tak tau camne nak mula 

Sekolah belum habis dah lagak macam dewasa 
Islam hanya pada nama semua dia nak cuba 
Boleh main cuba2,boleh main raba2 
Main sama2,bila kena sama rasa 

Tepuk dada tanya selera,tanya iman,tanya diri 
Tanya kaki sapa bagi sampai kita boleh diri? 
Aku Cuma cerita apa yang aku nampak 
Terpulanglah kat korang nak terima ke tak

Budak zaman sekarang perangai pelik 
Orang kata buruk dia pandang semua cantik 
Tak serik,mane pergi rasa segan 

Kalau kata orang kurang-kurang pon kat Tuhan 
Kuat manusia bergantung pada ilmu setakat tunjuk otai 
Takde orang respek kat lu memang begitu 
Dunia untuk orang bijak pandai2 hidup kalau taknak kene pijak 

Cuba2 usha tengok2 sekeliling bukan tengok dinding tapi minah senget mata juling(juling?) 
Dia bukan buta cumabuat2 tak nampak dia rasa seronok jadik budak rosak akhlak(iskh3) 
Harga diri murah jual badan kat lelaki macam balak dia konpem ambik die buat bini 
Sedarlah diri sedarlah dari mimpi2,apa hari2 ko mmg gelap takde pagi? 

Konon pakai seksi sebab laki suka tengok,kalau lawa takpe 
Cuma lawa sikit dari MOMOK(uwek) 
Pusingkan pandangan tengok pulak benda baru,budak jadik player walau belum tumbuh bulu(bulu?)apa benda tu? 
Khatan pon belum kering lagi dah pandai pulak citer main sana main sini 

Tukar pompuan hari2 bukan ke kau tu Muslim? 
Nabi tak ajar kita tukar pompuan macam musim macam main game 
Boleh buat sesuka hati cuba fikir balik kemana kite lepas mati 

Tak payah kerek2 kita semua bukan hebat ingat atas sana ada kuasa lagi kuat

Jom tengok2 budak2 dekat sini perangai pelik diorang tambah sikit dengan perangai gedik 
Dengan jersi besar rantai pulak nak cecah lantai topi kasi senget pastu carut tunjuk otai 
Pakai seluar besar pandang badan macam lidi tepi angkat sikit tayang bulu kaki tayang itu ini 

Tunjuk semua perangai buruk memang teruk bila orang mula lagak beruk 
Buat apa sebok2 dengan trend masa kini sanggup pakai mahal 
Walau gadai itu ini berhabis duit Cuma sebab nak perhatian 
Semua atas sebab nak diri diperhatikan 

Inilah hakikat kita pentingkan luaran anugerah Tuhan lebih sekadar ucapan

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Open House Family Febeles

Event: Open House Family Febeles
Date: Oct 19 2008
Location: Rumah Cucur

Rasanya kali ni adalah gathering open house yang terbesar so far... i like ;D

Gambar keluarga : anak2 ikan bersama bapak2 ikan..la la la

keluarga bahagia... ke?

Sehati sewarna..

Saya dah ada baju melayu~ (sedih 8thn takde baju melayu :( )

Juadah yang tak seberapa sebab tukang masak nasi beriani keluar cur tak balik2 katanya

Cantik kan ko izuan? amboi amboi amboi..

Aidilfitri sangat!

Katong datang tema deepavali.. harap maaf

I ngan gamba anak2 i...susah nak ada satu family gathered at one time..haih

Izzu tetap posse perut katanya!

Sepatutnya gamba anak2 i ngan i.. tapi hasmi tetap nak masuk sbgai anak buangan.
(l-r) izzie, naim (anak no4), me, aijud (anak no3), ed (anak no2) anak no 1 kene colek perompak nurin.

Gamba family lengkap tiga suku.. hope next time semua pulang beraya bersama keluarga...githu

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'll Be Waiting - Live

I'll Be Waiting

Lagu ini khas untuk kengkawan2 yg aku sayang- ikzal, izzu, katong, aritha, jez, sasa and the list goes on and on (u know who u are). including anak2 aku - chom, edwell and aijut. Also for adik aku naim yg slalu ingat dia tak penting dlm idup aku.
Song/Singer: I'll Be Waiting/Lenny Kravits
He broke your heart 
He took your soul 
You're hurt inside 
'Cause there's a hole 
You need some time 
to be alone 
then you will find 
what you've always known 

I'm the one who really loves ya, baby 
I've been knockin' at your door 

and as long as I'm livin' 
I'll be waitin' 
as long as I'm breathin' 
I'll be there 
whenever you call me 
I'll be waitin' 
whenever you need me 
I'll be there 

I've seen ya cry 
into the night 
I feel your pain 
can I make it right? 
I realize 
there's no end in sight 
yet still I wait 
for you to see the light 

I'm the one who really loves ya, baby 
I can't take it anymore 

and as long as I'm livin' 
I'll be waitin' 
as long as I'm breathin' 
I'll be there 
whenever you call me 
I'll be waitin' 
whenever you need me 
I'll be there 

You are the only one I've ever known 
that makes me feel this way, couldn't on my own 
I wanna be with you until we're old 
you've got the love you need right in front of you, please come home 

as long as I'm livin' 
I'll be waitin' 
as long as I'm breathin' 
I'll be there 
whenever you call me 
I'll be waitin' 
whenever you need me 
I'll be there 

as long as I'm livin' 
I'll be waitin' 
as long as I'm breathin' 
I'll be there 
whenever you call me 
I'll be waitin' 
whenever you need me 
I'll be there 

Friday, October 10, 2008

Lelaki Menangis? - Part 2

Booohahahaha~ (gayakan dengan tangan bersilang atas dada - rujuk anime bleach)

Part 2 kembali. kepada yang gigih membaca blog archive aku tu (baca: sabrina), aku tau ko tak saba2 nak rodok tulisan kali ni kan? Memandangkan colleague aku dah jumpa blog ni selepas berusaha macam nak M kat google tu, i think it is best to reward her with something to read about. 

I have decided to mask and filter my true style of writing so that i won't put anyone into sudden stroke or heart attack. Jadi, sila lah pasrah kalau penulisan ni ada sedikit posse2 coverina sket ye.


hmm.. where was i in my last post? aaa... lepas aku memberi ayat penutup kat jez tu, i thought that would be it. no further discussion about the topic anymore. Mana la tau masa aku tengah lite2 bawak kete atas highway nak balik ipoh, phone motorola hanjing yang patut di campak ke laut itu memvibrate2 dlm suar.

rupanya ada message baru masuk. opened it and it came from jez..again. mrasa la kau.. sikit punya panjang dia anta kat aku... berikut adalah kata2 hikmat dia:

jez: jawapan acai: pathetic (sama sebijik macam aku).

       jawaban apau: over

       jawaban sasa: i thought only girls do the blackmailing things. tapi aku rasa macam tak     

       bagus la guys nangis 

       jawaban zalina: Hi Jez! Hmmm kesian gak dia sampai menangis tapi tengok gaklah what is 

       the reason for the breakup.

so how? langsung buat survey katanya!!! gigih tak gigih? nampak sangat bintulu itu sungguh la menyiksakan sampaikan ko terpaksa buat survey to kill your time kan? hahahaha...ah~ jangan terajang saya jez

basically whatever things said by my friends as per her survey was very much predictable. we might look as one bunch of weird people with same perangai or pe'el but actually each of us are uniquely differentiated to each other. i guess that is what made us glued so well all these while. complementing each others through our differences but still have some sort of common attribute that outsiders seemed to be able to associate us with.

memandangkan i tengah drive adalah tidak selamat untuk mengSMS pepanjang (tetap nak sms jgk ni. matila langa peraturan), jadi i terpaksa memilih utk komen jawaban salah sorang dari hasil survey tu. i chose to comment on zalina's response.  

now, for those who might have wondered who is this girl that i'm talking about. the easiest way to describe her it by using some fictional character that is widely known to everyone. Remember Sex and The City? yes? no? kalau tak tau..nasib ko la.

Zalina is very much like Charlotte in SATC. Somewhat collected, naive, seemed as if she is innocent and stuffs like that. But don't be fooled by it coz this girl can really do things out of ordinary sometimes.

Jadi aku pun reply jez balik...

me: world would either be a better place to live or our worse nightmare if everybody think and act like zalina. lol

Again, i was hoping that this whole thing of chain smses would end sebab bukan la aku tak mau berseme'es ngan jez tapi sbb aku tgh bawak kete and temptation untuk baca sms n balas balik adalah sangat tinggi sampai kengkadang terlupa yang nyawa tu lebih penting.. canner?

tapi tak kesampaian jugak... masuk lagi satu dalam inbox kali ni. Bila aku baca sms tu, tangan ni mmg dah merenyam dah nak membalas... sebab things that i discovered from the text was rather shocking and so unexpected. For it to come from another friend of us whom i would consider to be the last person (from division drag menjadik) to say. Cuba kita lihat/baca..

jez: jawapan aritha yg sangat unexpected: jawapan aku. depends sapa dump sapa.. tapi kalau ko nak independent answer.. aku rasa ok je dia nangis.. dia ada emosi gak.. tapi jangan la asyik nak nangis je.. maknenye..

matila~ dunia sudah nak kiamat. kerana i sungguh tergamam dan otak masih lagi berfungsi untuk memikirkan keselamatan diri sendiri yang sedang bawak kete.. i jawab ringkas tapi penuh makna...

me: ayo. i terduduk tahyat akhir skang

bila dah tahyat akhir, kene la bagi salam kan? jadi kita end dulu kat sini...tak abis lagi.. masih bersambung...


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hari Raya Party at Bagan, Penang

I terpaksa tunda sambungan kepada post dahulu memandangkan blog i telah dijumpai org opismate i. haih.. have to redo the whole thing again.. nak censor and filter few stuffs before i can actually post it here... kalau korang rajin nak tunggu..tunggu la ye...

Meanwhile, i'm posting some pictures taken masa last friday at Bagan. They were having a Hari Raya Party and of course, being fabulous as always, the party can't start without me..wah~

Biduanita Rozz DeDiva Ridzwan...all those haunting text sent should stop now. 
-Titistitisnoda DeDiva Ahmad 

l-r: rizman, dominic, me, khai, rozz

l-r: sam,rizman,rozz,me

l-r: leong,rozz,leong's twin (lupa la)