Friday, June 27, 2008

Estelle - American Boy

I sangat suka pompuan ini~ 
you'll be my american boy~

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Separated - Usher

If love was a bird then we wouldn't have wings
If love was the sky we'd be blue
If love was a choir, U and I could never sing
'cause love isn't for me and U

If love was an Oscar, U and I could never win
'cause we could never act out our parts
If love is the bible, then we are lost in sin
Because it's not in our hearts

So why don't you go your way,
and I'll go mine
Live ur life
And I'll live mine

Baby, U'll do well
And I'll be fine
'cause we're better of separated...

If love was a fire then we have lost the spark
Love never felt so cold
If love was a light then we're lost in the dark
Left with no one to hold

If love was a sport, we're not on the same team
U and I are destined to lose
If love was an ocean, baby, we are just a stream
'cause love isn't for me and U

So why don't you go your way,
and I'll go mine
Live ur life
And I'll live mine

Baby, U'll do well
And I'll be fine
'cause we're better of separated...

Girl, I know we had some good times
Sept for now, gotta say goodbye
Girl U know I love U

I can't deny
Can't say we didn't try to make it work for U and I
I know it hurts so much
But it's best for us

Somewhere along thiswide new moon, we lost the trust
So I walk away, so U don't have to see me cry
It's killing me so, why don't U go

So why don't you go your way,
and I'll go mine
Live ur life
And I'll live mine

Baby, U'll do well
And I'll be fine
'cause we're better of 
so much better of...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

made of honor

Jez, i will post about topic that u've tagged me with after this one. Experience aku pasal 

this incident lebih intriguing utk di share. :)

Harini lepas aku check out from Gurney Hotel, aku pun went out for lunch kat chilis with my other 2 colleagues. Lepas borak lama2, kitorg masuk dlm gurney plaza tu wondering around sampai la one of my colleague ni ajak tgk wayang cite made of honor. 

So to kill of some time yang ada, kitorang pun ok je la with that plan. Lagipun aku penah tgk thriller dia and it looks fun to watch. Infact, mmg agak entertaining la. I would suggest for you to watch it esp for those who can understand underlying comedy act that the characters inside it were playing about. 

Dua org opismate ni ngan aku mmg close la jgk. We basically share almost everything except for the part of me with my alternate lifestyle je la. Walaupun memula cerita tu agak sedikit boring (maybe because aku agak mengantuk sbb tak cukup tido 8 jam selepas hangout with Feroz kat Bagan ting-tong2 sampai 5 pagi) but the story started to get more and more interesting and funnier sampaila abis cerita tuh.

I'm not gonna make a review about the movie but what i wanted to share is the experience that i had while watching the movie itself. Tak tau nak cakap samada ini adalah embarrassing moments or weird occasion yang tak pernah aku lalui.

Like i said earlier, cerita ni ada straight forward jokes but at the same time banyak jokes yg tersirat. So, one must at least have a certain level of awareness of the subject in order for them to understand it. Which unfortunately, the whole crowd except for me and my friends, have no complete idea on what the heck was it all about.

Sekali sekala tu blh la ko dengar diorg ketawa bila part2 straight jokes ni kan..though diorg takde la ketawa terbahak2 ke apa...kitorg pun ketawa la jgk cuma aku punya ketawa sedikit kuat la (for those who knows me well enough, you can imagine how i laugh when i watch horror of comedy movies) ...until this one point kuar la satu scene about one of this bridesmate yg gemuk cuba untuk kuruskan badan dia from size 12 to 8 in two weeks just for the wedding sake. 

She was so into the slimming routine that she didn't eat anything other than her slimming drink that she carries everywhere. Masa kat shower party nih, Patric Dampsey tegur la dia for not eating and she should at least eat some coz it is unhealthy. Pompuan ni plak very confident that she would be fine and said that she is fine but suddenly she paused and had this almost nak pitam condition and then snapped back to life. 

Hillary : You can get to size 8 in two weeks! Look at me, i did it!

Aku pun punya la ketawa macam nak mati bila tgk dia jadi macam tu. And guess what? I am the only one laughing inside the cinema! Ya ampun! masa tu sangat la malu sbb aku sorg je yg gelak. aku tgk kawan2 kat seblah aku ni pun ketawa tapi diorg cekup mulut sebleh tidak. So i knew that it was funny and i did laugh for the right scene. 

Masa tu rasa a bit paranoid la, ko rasa macam org gila dlm tu ye. aku pun cakap kat kawan aku "kita ni tengok movie ngan org asli ke? asal diorg tak ketawa pun ek?" kawan aku ketawa je la.

I let it go and buat macam biasa je la sampai la ke satu scene ni lagi bila tarot card reader yg dijemput utk entertain the guess happened to be a sex toy salesgirl. Dia pun buat la promosi and explanation about all the sex toys that she carries with her. 

Ada la potong sket2 bab2 nak tunjuk dildo bagai so aku tak heran la kalau org2 dalam pawagam ni tak leh nak catch up bila kami betiga giggle tak abis ( tak berani nak ketawa kuat2 dah masa tu) but bila satu part ni bila pompuan tu bawak kuar glow in the dark anal/vagina beads  tuh, aku mmg dah tak tahan nak gelak.

Anal/Vagina Beads for you Sir/Madam?

Nak nak bila nenek kepada bride tu attracted to it and dia punya innocent ingatkan benda tu necklace then dia pakai kat leher, aku ngan kwn2 aku ni mmg xleh tahan dah. Pecah perut la kitorg ketawa. Begema satu cinema tu sbb kitorg betiga je gelak bley?

Mmg masa tu aku rasa sangat horror. As if i'm in a community full of weird and mysterious people. Even coma patients could at least show an emotion to that scene. But these people? GOD!

Lagi best, siap ada 2-3 org pompuan kat blakang kitorg boleh cakap sama sendri "pasai apa depa gelak? apa yang lawak nya?" Ayo ayo ayo x10000000! kalau aku tgk cerita ni kat kelantan ke terengganu ke, bleh trima lagi..tapi Penang Island? Jeezzz!!!

Lepas movie tu abis, kitorg cepat2 berambus kuar sbb takut org perasan sapa yg ketawa mcm org gila dlm movie tu. Mmg satu pengalaman yg sangat mengerikan. takutttt....

Monday, June 9, 2008

This Too Shall Pass

I achieved so much in life
But I’m an amateur in love
My bank account is doing just fine
But my emotions are bankrupt

My body is nice and strong
But my heart is in a million pieces
When the sun is shining so am I 
But when the night falls so does my tears

Sometimes the beatings so loud in my heart
That I can barely tell our voices apart
Sometimes the fear is so loud in my head
That I can barely hear what God says

Then I hear a whisper that this too shall pass
I hear the angel’s whisper that this too shall pass
My ancestors whisper that this day one day will be the past
So I walk in faith that this too shall pass

The one that loved me the most
Turned around and hurt me the worse
I’m doing my best to move on
But the pain just keeps singing me songs

My head and my heart are at war
Cause love ain't happening the way I wanted
Feel like I’m about to break down
Can’t hear the light at the end of the tunnel

So I pray for healing in my heart 
To be put back together what is torn apart
And I pray for quiet in my head
That I can hear clearly what God says

Then I hear the whisper that this too shall pass
I hear the Angels whisper that this too shall pass
My ancestors whisper that this day will one day be the past
So I walk in faith that this too shall pass

All of sudden I realize
That it only hurts worse to fight it
So I embrace my shadow
And hold on to the morning light

This Too Shall Pass
This Too Shall Pass
This Too Shall Pass
This Too Shall Pass 
This Too Shall Pass
This Too Shall Pass

I hear the angels whisper 
that trouble don't have to last always
I hear the angels whisper
Even the day after tomorrow will one day be yesterday.
I hear my angels whisper.
I hear my angels whisper.
This too shall pass.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Breakup Month

Ujung bulan 5 ke awal bulan 6 merupakan bulan rasmi breakup dikalangan kawan2 aku. tak tau nape, tapi memasing start jadi after  another. Ironically, dalam waktu yg sama ada sorang kawan aku plak started to have a relationship. 

Nieta (bukan nama sebenar), dikalangan kawan2 kami mmg bukan jenis org yg akan ada relationship. She is more like a social swinger (or rather full-time). She does not see herself having a partner or whatsoever to make her life complete, feel needed, loved or whatevershit that people might say about the beauty of relationship. Dia ada la persamaan dengan aku sikit. We do not believe in relationship to a certain extend and would try not to get ourselves involved.

Don't get me wrong. Though aku pernah ada relationship, that does not change much of me about what i said earlier. I know myself too well that it would take a huge effort for a person to love me coz i am not the typical guy in any movies or dramas. Rather than making my significant other going through hell or trauma, i think i shall let myself be single. Tak sakitkan hati org. And aku pun tak sakit hati. 

Memula I broke up with my ex. then Deja (bukan nama sebenar) broke up gak. following after, Rei (bukan mana sebenar jgk) plak break with his other half. Ala2 chain effect gitu. Kalau off circle sket, kawan2 aku yang set satu lagi pun sama.. 2 org clash ngan bf diorang. yg masih tinggal skang berapa kerat je. harap2 tak menanti masa la kan..oh and disaat blog ini dipost, seorg lagi kawan aku telah broke up ngan cikki dia. welcome back to the single world syai~. Lele, ko bedoa la tulah tu tak kene kat ko.

Looking at all this, I cant help but to wonder, is it something to do with Neita being touched by the thing called relationship and made the universe goes bonkers? Has karma works badly on those who lives around her?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fuel Price Hike

Kepada teman2 yang dapat sms notification aku lewat. Maafin ya. HP aku mati tengah jalan masa sms blast tu di hantar... so some of u dapat dlm jam 8 lebih gitu. Yg nasib baik dapat la SMS aku dalam jam 4-5 ptg tadi. Apapun, disini aku lampirkan harga baru minyak di semenanjung malaysia dan sabah sarawak

Semenanjung Malaysia

Produk                Harga (RM/litre)

RON97         2.704

RON92         2.621

V-Power Racing 3.150

Diesel         2.581

Kerosene         3.450


Produk Harga (RM/litre)

RON97 2.699

RON92 2.615

Diesel 2.584

Kerosene 3.500


Produk Harga(RM/litre)

RON97 2.690

RON92 2.607

Diesel 2.578

Kerosene 3.500

Mrasala gaji abis ke duit minyak je....

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

To tell or not to tell

Sejauh mana kredibiliti kita dalam persahabatan?  how good are you as a friend? are you the type of friend that would only share the laughs but spare the difficult part of sharing the sad, crying moments? 

since aku mmg sucks dalam managing my own relationship, the least that i know about is to look after my friends. Be it whenever they are happy or sad. i will try my level best to be there for them. sampai kengkadang tu ada some of friends yg rasa i ni over terlebih care kat dorang.

coz i believe that they are my safety net, the only place that i can turn my back to and fall whenever i'm senseless, happy or feeling low.

so nak dijadikan cerita, last weekend aku dapat cerita pasal kawan aku nye partner  playing behind his back. Not that baru first time aku dengar but when i heard it for the second time coming from different source, i believe that there must be something going on. Just that aku tak sure whether it will be right for me to crush someone's relationship that they are so happy with with news like this.

i kept it to myself till this evening... i just don't feel right.

petang tadi sambil2 aku dengar trainer bebel kat depan, aku started to text some of my friends for their opinions. the respondents were Kikie, Bosh and Lenny (Reza tak balas SMS i, berpanas kat construction area sampai lupa hp bunyi kot)

Sessi hati ke hati bersama farah

The question bermula seperti berikut:

"What is ur opinion to this? U rasa as a good friend, patut ke tak u simpan rahsia yg blh merosakan hubungan cinta kwn u ataupun cerita kat dia supaya dia tak hidup dalam kepuraan. mana satu lebih baik?"

got my first responce from summary, he prefers to listen to the hard truth.

kikie: be true to your friend. Though it'll hurts.

me: ic.. then its gonna be tough

kikie: yeah. it depends on person. whether can take it or not? If it is me, i would want the truth.

me: but it will also either make or break a friendship. coz people hate hearing the truth. they would rather listen to sugarcoated truth. how?

kiki: hmm. up to you. but for me i will not let my friend lives in a sugarcoated life. so keep it if u want to. betulah pepatah - jangan pecah dimulut biar pecah di bontot. (tetiba)

when i read his viewa, me kinda in the same wavelength with him. i believe that a good friend is the one who have the guts to tell you the bad news rather than pleasing you, giving you the unreal alternated vision of life. and i happened not to be the only person who believed in this.. so does Bosh

bosh: i think we should protect our friend from being lied to. He or she might disagree, but at least we have done our role. so sapa org tu, aku ke? ayo!

however, lenny has a different view all together. Which in a way has its own logic.

lenny: ayo..dangerous waters g2. to me i prefer not to be involved coz i dont want to be the bitch. klau ko repot tp derang x break, ur a bitch. kalo ko report and they breakup, ur still a bitch. personally that is how i feel. sapa ni? hopefully not a fren la.

me: tu la.. aku dlm dilemma. yes. it is one of us.

lenny: oh my, i dont want to know. i think as a fren we just have to be there if it ends. thats all we can do. but lets not be the bearer of bad news.

me: oh shit! im getting mixed feedback now. xtau mana satu nak pilih.

lenny: i understand u feel this responsibility to a fren. but the main responsibility is to ensure our frens are happy even when we have to turn a blind eye.

me: but that is like living in a dream. shall we be the reactive or rather be the proactive ones? coz it hurts more knowing after than before. and the wound is even deeper knowing that ur friends knew it but keep it to themselves as if they were watching a freak show.

lenny:i know but this isnt like telling ur friend that the shirt doesnt fit ok... ok, at least wait till ur sure . there is no need to cause pain when its not necessary

if you were me, what would you do? 

which one of those opinions or stand would you take?

Teaser - Bagitau ke tak bagitau?

I nak buat teaser dulu.. tak leh nak tulis pepanjang sbb jap lagi nak gi gym..  balik nanti baru nak karang..

I will be writing about this:

Kalau korang tau sesuatu pasal kawan korang yg kawan korang tak tau.. a secret that u heard from someone that would change your friend's a bad way, would you have the guts to tell him/her upfront?

interesting topic and i managed to get some feedback and comments from several friends of mine...

coming up..

Monday, June 2, 2008


Tulisan pertama selepas penutupan blog silam...this is my current favorite song. I listen to it everyday...berulang2. sbb it means something to me...

from now on, a new chapter begins

Matahariku by Agnes Monica

Tertutup Sudah Pintu, Pintu Hatiku

Yang Pernah Dibuka Waktu Hanya Untukmu
Kini Kau Pergi Dari Hidupku
Kuharus Relakanmu Walau Aku Tak Mau

Berjuta Warna Pelangi Di Dalam Hati
Sejenak Luluh Bergeming Menjauh Pergi
Tak Ada Lagi Cahaya Suci
Semua Nada Beranjak Aku Terdiam Sepi

Dengarlah Matahariku, Suara Tangisanku
Kubersedih Karna Panah Cinta Menusuk Jantungku
Ucapkan Matahariku Puisi Tentang Hidupku
Tentangku Yang Tak Mampu Menaklukkan Waktu

Berjuta Warna Pelangi Di Dalam Hati
Sejenak Luluh Bergeming Menjauh Pergi
Tak Ada Lagi Cahaya Suci
Semua Nada Beranjak Aku Terdiam Sepi

Dengarlah Matahariku, Suara Tangisanku
Kubersedih Karna Panah Cinta Menusuk Jantungku
Ucapkan Matahariku Puisi Tentang Hidupku

Tentangku Yang Tak Mampu Menaklukkan Waktu