Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dear Readers,

Due to the urgency of my overwhelming feelings towards my recent experience watching this awesome movie- Bangkok Love Story, i wish to inform that i shall be writing about it instead of continuing my normal emotional diarrhea/tantrum about things that had happened in my daily life.

For those who are familiar with my critical-centric cum cynical and sarcastic style of writing, i  pledge to keep an objective view of my watching experience for this one. However, do look out on the emotional perspective of my review as i will ensure the essence of if  to be assimilated and emulsified together.

I strongly hope that this shall benefit even perhaps inspires people out there to dig into the bigger picture of the story-line rather than just seeing it from skin deep. Please wait for my next post and while waiting, enjoy the trailer that i have attached together with this letter.

I thank you for your patient and passion in advance.

Warm regards

wahahahhahaha... berhasil jgk la aku gi course persuasive writing skill aritu.. ada hasil ka? la la la la la


Nazira said...

ha berjaya berjaya.. sopan habis!!!

eh babe, aku lom tgk movie tu. alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

Ash-Junk said...

bebe! ko kene tgk cepat2! aku ngan sab tgk lagi sekali semalam. pastu meracau2 lagi skali.. hahahaha

sopan kan surat aku? aku mmg seorg yg sopan pun