Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cry...is it that bad?

This started as a simple sms sent by one of my best friends asking for an opinion on a very interesting subject. Later i decided to make a post out of it coz it seems fun for me to explore it further. So here goes nothing~

Jez (find her here at: http://tatsing.blogspot.com/) 

"Just a random question. what do you think of guys who cry when trying to get their GF back after a breakup?"

Now, when i got her text, i was at site doing my visit and i don't really have that much of time to sit and ponder.  So the first thing that comes out of my mind was only one word. It didn't take me too long to respond coz to me it seems so right. Me then replied to her by saying this:

me: pathetic!

But..after sending that, i took a step back and revisit my answer. I have always known by my way of saying things straight out of my brain without filtering it through my heart..which of course took me into many many difficult situations and i pray that  this wouldn't become one of those unwanted scenes. God knows that question was actually for me to appease her feeling rather than throwing a bomb to her face!

There i was trying to mend things out by drafting another message when suddenly i received a reply from her..lord, this better be not as bad as i imagine it might turn out to.. i was relieved when she wrote this back to me: 


jez: someone said i was mean when i said that.haha. people say great minds think alike. aren't we just the greatest? :D

Hallelujah! How can i forget that Jez among others share the same thinking style as me? If anyone would wanna go berserk for my emotionless remark, she would be last on my list. I admire her ability to make sense out of everything. I'm telling you, its a rare quality to be found in any women these days. If it is not because we are best friend, i would have dated her...wah~~ (ok.. i would require some minor changes done to her physical attributes though.. u know what i mean jez :p) 

Oh, to celebrate that, i wrote back to her by saying.."of course honey! only those with lousy selfesteem and selfworth would cry n beg for such."

So i thought that the conversation ended there.. wait till what happened next...

(to be continued)


Jesz Superfox said...
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Jesz Superfox said...

haha..kau rs berslh ke? i dnt remember if i told u this, but pathetic was the exact same answer i gave to the other person i was having the discussion with. :)

Ash-Junk said...

i know.. if u read my post carefully.. i felt guilty after sending the text..but it went down the drain right after i got ur text that u had the same thing in mind..hahahah :)