Tuesday, October 20, 2009

must everything comes in pair? part 1

I was at No Black Tie last friday, mummy performed that night. I had to pay 40 bucks just for the cover charge without any complimentary drinks. Really a cut throat situation. Just because they can get someone as good as my mummy to perform, they think that they can simply rip people's pocket that easy? Celaka betul! They were lucky coz the 'grape juice' served was fantastic, else there will be more things for me to bitch about in this entry. But that is not the real reason of me writing today.

Ran into few other people there and one of them was Sam. Sam is a successful reporter, in fact he is now the head editor for a lifestyle section in one of renown local newspaper. Its been a while since the last time we met... i guess a good couple of years.

We asked about how each other's life. updates and stuffs. then the "P" word came out from nowhere. the "Partner" word. I didn't remember who brought the topic up but i do remember telling that i'm now single. In a very cheerful tone. I was always and has always been known as a happy-go-lucky person to them (there are bunch of other friends there) and the ideal scenario is to give what exactly people wants. Act as if nothing really bothers me much.

Awe...how sweet... my ass

And then Sam responded to me. "You know what Ash, i'm cursed". 'Why do u say so?'. " Since the last time we hang out till now, i have been single all the while" Now, what would a happy-go-lucky, yet nurturing (yea rite!) person do when he is put under such situation? Of course, i need to be positive. To make him feel good. A skill that i picked up during my counseling course and those countless sessions that i had with people on problems they are facing.

Being single is bad?

I told him that living single is not that bad. Look from a brighter side of it. You have no one to dictate or restrict your movement. And you have options to choose from everyday. Without having to consider the other person when making one.

But at the back of my mind, i hesitated with my ownself. Is being single really a curse? Must everything comes in pair to make sense?

end of part 1


risz said...

kak ash,
i admire ur writing & english!
ms spm english dolu u suke pilih essay jenis cakera ke?
yasmin the storyteller sgt!

Ash Shinotsubaki said...

kak ash? ayo.. carut i tau.. taruk dua gender in one sentence. huhuhuhu

takdela.. english i bodo2 je. vocab cukup makan..layak2 nak order makanan kat fastfood restaurant tu boleh la..

tidak uols. believe it or not, masa zaman sekolah dulu, cikgu i (omputeh ke melayu ke) melarang sama sekali i menulis essay berbentuk cereka. ahahahhah.. it has always been factual. till now.

thx kak may sbb memuji. =)

rough said...

hari tuh masa ym ckp dh berdua n skrg dlm entry ni single plak..mcm mana nie? Mari2 kita online leh sembang2...share2 story jom!

Anonymous said...

ahahaha... kak ash. dua gender. lawak.

Ash Shinotsubaki said...

rough: lots had happened since the last time we chat :)

ken(konon): yes... i jd bigender skang

risz said...

omg u feel offended ke?
sowi sgt.
i tatau pon ash tu nama laki.haha
i kalo jupe org lg senior mmg tros panggil kakak or abg.
xcaye tanye kak kimmie or abg izzu.
mama sal je lain sbb die mak ayam i.
*hi mama!*

Ash Shinotsubaki said...

risz: xde la.. i tak offended pun. no worries =) btw, i tak tua pun.. sama umur u je.. so tak yah berpangkat.

Anonymous said...

sama umur??
how do u know??
kimie pon risz pggl kak long.
u junior kimie ke?

Ash Shinotsubaki said...

haih...i bukan junior kimie..i sama umo ngan dia.. cuma i langkah kelas.. so keje lagi awal..bley? la la la