Monday, November 16, 2009

Movie Review : 4Bia 2

Hola Uols~
Mode gigih i datang balik harini katanya. Jadi i nak membuat review filem utk uols semua. Seperti biasa, i tak akan membazir masa menulis kalau cerita tu bukanlah cerita yang wajib uols tgk ye. I xde masa nak promote cerita2 tahap longkang kat sini. So kalau i review tu maksudnya memang worth it la uols buang RM10 ke memana pawagam ataupun beli DVD cetak rompak bagai ye.

I baru je lagi tgk cerita 4bia 2 ni.. rasanya last 2 weeks kot. And i've seen 4bia -1. This new instalment is way better than the first one. Yg pertama tu mcm sial! so jgn buang masa tgk ye. Kalau nak tgk pun maybe last scene dia je. pasal 4 org campers tu... for 2 obvious reasons

a- jalan cerita dia agak menarik
b- ada eye candy~ (seronoknye kalau i dpt tgk diorg pose orgy masa tido sesama dlm utan itew.. awwww~)

Anyhow, kalau this is the first time uols nak tgk 4bia ni. Jgn risau kalau u termiss the first sequeal. Sebab cerita dlm 4bia 2 ni haram takde kene mengena dengan the first one ya.

Basically, 4bia (1 & 2) is about 4-5 short stories yg tak interrelated with each other. Take it as watching short movie compilation macam uols beli album2 compilation di kedai2 itew...

5 in 1: Kalah shampoo uols!

Jadi dlm kesah yang kali ni, ada 5 cerita. And setiap satu cerita dia mmg menarik. Yes! I ulangi. Menarik. And yang paling i suka dlm sequel ini adalah... jeng jeng jeng..


kau tak merembes kalau candy2 mcm ni bersepah dlm stiap scene? ayo cikcap skang~

I sangat becak meleleh deras banjir bagai macam sugai rajang bah uols~ Silap2 boleh tuka tema horror cerita ni kepada tema softporn sgt! *matila imaginasi tinggi..huhu

Yang paling best ialah almost setiap short story dia mempunyai twisted ending sampaikan ada scene2 yang you tak sangka ending dia macam tu. Very fresh idea thrown by the director and script writer. Pintar pintar!

For those yang appreciate humor in horror mcm i, uols juga akan terhibur dengan last scene dlm movie ni dimana unsur humor diserapkan dengan bijak sekali sepanjang pementasan cerita dia.

Antara wajah2 dari setiap short movies dlm cerita nih

All and all i would say, a very well job done by the production team and it satisfies just what the viewers need. Especially when there are just too many horror movies in production lately.

Kalau uols nak a peek of what the scenes are all about, uols boleh baca summary yang i sisipkan kat bawah tu.. i copy paste ja from wikipedia. Melk malas nak menaip katanya. Syukur teknologi sekarang sangat la mengagumkan.

Sayang IT~ Cinta IT~ Benci Siti~ *opss..

Synopsis of 4Bia 2
Source: Wikipedia


a Film by Paween Purijitpanya
the story focusing on a 14 year old; Pey, who has committed a crime Pa-Hin (throwing rocks) (being on the motorcycle throwing rocks to the cars windshield waiting for the car to crashed then steal money and other valuable items from the owner) and in order to keep the news low his mom decided that Pey must get ordained to become a buddhist novice to escape the crime he committed, under the guise of a monk, Pey remains unnoticed as a criminal. However, something deep down inside is bothering him. As he spend the night in the woods trying to meditate something is bothering him, his thoughts and something else. The grip of fear tightens as he realizes that 'karma' has no friend or foe when deciding a man's fate or fortune.


a film by Visute Poolvoralaks
Arthit; a playful teenager crashes his bike and breaks both legs. At the hospital he has been moved from the ER room to a shared room. In the room, there is an old man in a coma who has been waiting for almost a month for his family to decide to pull the plug on his oxygen. What happens that night will make Arthit realize that being alone is always better that being around bad company.


a film by Songyos Sugmakanan
Upon graduation, a young Japanese couple decided to travel around Thailand by backpacking. After failed attempts to hitchhike from Samui island to Bangkok, the boyfriend waves a 1,000 Baht note in hopes to entice passing cats to pick them up. What is hiding inside the truck's trailer? Is there something deeper and darker that lurks behind the kind smiling face of the truck driver who lets them hop in? The answers to these questions will cause an adrenalin rush like no other.


a film by Parkpoom Wongpoom
Nuch is a car dealer. She makes her living by rebuilding severely damaged cars. But little do unsuspecting bargain hunters know, beneath the new upholstery and shiny repainted exteriors are cars with horror pasts. One night after closing the car garage she discovers her son is missing. Reviewing the security camera tapes she sees her son climb inside a car that she recently bought but nowhere on tapes has him climbing out "Cemetary Garage" where you drive off with more that you bargained for.

In The End

a film by Banjong Pisanthanakun
Ter, Puak, Shin and Aey are the movie crew of an upcoming horror movie. They are shooting their last scene. On the last night, Puak is trying to be cool and tells one of the sick cast members that, "the show must go on". So when that actress accidentally dies during the filming she makes sure to come back from the dead to finish her role. The four of them must shoot the movie that has a real ghost playing the role of ghost in the end. and the main actress must not know about this.


datin cik sal said...

wah! i pulak teruja nak pi tgk.. aiyoks.. byknye muvi tak tgk lagfi nih!!! 2012, pisau cukur.. huhuhu ni pulak ado 4bia..

**nanges!! bila nak buat house warming sun?!

Ash Shinotsubaki said...

u teruja nak tgk bukan sebab cerita dia best kan? u teruja sbb i cakap banyak cando kan? kan? kan?

tunggu la uols.. bila i dah pijak kaki bebetul ke rumah nye..baru la bleh buat housewarming bagai.. ni kentut pun blm lagi.. mana nak housewarming nye? huhu