Friday, November 6, 2009

must everything comes in pair? part 2

Some people say that once you go double (i.e. coupled, attached, in relationship, dating..or whatever crap u wanna call it), u just cant stay single anymore. is that true? is it because u had the taste of being taken care of and loved? then why are there so many people ended up being hurt by it and yet still longing for the forbidden word called LOVE?

kalau telur dah kene goreng... selesai sudah

Its a chicken and egg question. I know. I've been asking myself for the right answer. Its an equation i just couldn't solve. Not yet. And i am determined to find a solution to it. Perhaps one fine day.

I quote one of my good friend saying - why are people so into marriage (or committed to a relationship), didn't they know that it does not work!

Still, the same person who said this also looking for companionship. Ironic huh? As we grow older. Day after day, we will loose one person in our life. One at a time. It could be our family member, a friend, acquaintances and so on... They either die, moved on with their own life or finding other people to complete their next crusades. The only person left is just us. Me, you.

mereputlah kau nasa si sampah masyarakat! *tetiba

To come and think about it, whether we like it or not, we are going to be single again. Sooner or later. So why bother going through all the hassles when u already know how the ending gonna be like? I could be wrong...


Jesz Superfox said...

Life is about making the right choices. To stay single or to pursue marriage? Both could be right, depending on what you're looking for. More importantly, find what makes you happy. Kalau kawen just for the sake of tanak idup keseorangan, tp idup terseksa, x bes jgk la kn. Whatever it is, I hope u find ur happiness. Always remember, Allah knows best. Miss ya!

Ash Shinotsubaki said...

Jezzzz~ miss u too babe! yup. its all about choices and happiness. i tulis tu bukan restricted to marriage je.. but to relationship or companionship as a whole. =)

izzu said...

well, i am willing to gamble my life in pursuing happiness regardless of what people say and think.

i think, only ourselves who will know how to rate the level of our happiness

life is a gambling game. either you are winning it and live happily or you are losing and live in despair

Ash Shinotsubaki said...

life is all about choices.. and whatever option that we choose will have its own consequence. be it a good one or vise versa. like what jez said, as long as it makes u happy. why not?