Wednesday, February 4, 2009

i found the answer..

i asked myself a question in my previous post.. (actually i asked people who reads it, but none responded. so i have to find the answer myself la) and i found my answer anyway. thanks.

yes. every single question in this world has its own answer. it is just a matter of time for us to finally get it ourselves. as i was questioning myself whether it is possible to love someone that u have no idea how he or she looks like, i have forgotten the most important gist of the question itself. what was i looking for when i say 'to love someone?'. 

love is blind people say. perhaps it is blind. coz, if it is not, we won't see Siti Nurhaliza married to Dato K, neither will we be hearing gossips (?) like our handsome looking astronaut is (or was?) dating a full figured (kata izzu) cook? 

ah...blind people cant see... they fall in love... they got married... hence, the hypotheses has been tested. it is proven to be true.

premise 1: people fall in love

premise 2: blind people do fall in love

conclusion: love is blind

my point is, when it comes to what you feel inside, whatever external features the person might have is rather irrelevant if you are really honest with your feeling. it would be a bonus should you have someone that is good looking as you would be able to parade the other half to the whole world. something to be proud of- skin deep. 

but if you didn't get something so surreal, you can still be proud that you have found someone that is worthwhile devoting every single moment of your life for. which to me, something that people should be proud of the most.

people can criticize or say whatever they want, but it is you who had fallen in love with that person and you are entitled to that feeling yourself. If the rest of the world were unable to share the same let them be...


Anonymous said...

I like your conclusion


Ash-Junk said...


instead of going anonymous, u can always use option Name/URL ye... motif sangat. yes, i know u will like my conclusion. *buat muka