Thursday, February 19, 2009

Permata Diantara Kaca

Generally, i'm very reserved about myself to anyone.

I can count how many instances in my life that i actually shared something about me to people. Perhaps its because the way i was raised, alone, having no one to spill out my emotions to.

I'm not saying that my parents raised me wrongly coz through all that, i became strong and independent as what i am now. Or at least that was what i thought once upon a time. 

I don't have many friends. Well that is a known fact to everyone. Simply because i just cant get myself acquainted to anyone that easy. Or perhaps i just couldn't pull out a facade just to be likable by many. But somehow or rather, despite my flaws and shortcomings, there are quite a sum of people that  wants to be close to me. God surely have his own ways to pour blessings over his creatures. 

I'm writing this just to show how much i appreciate those people that choose to stand by me, giving me the support that i need, becoming my safety net and teaching me about life.

In every stage of my life, i came across many new friends. Some remains just as normal friends, the one that you say hi and bye to every now and then. And some turned up to be closer than just normal friends. They became one of my best friends.

When i came to Ipoh. I was sad. Leaving my best friends behind was quite a big move for me. Just when i thought that i don't have to go through those lane again, fate just wouldn't agree with me much. 

The first 1.5 years in Ipoh was a difficult period for me. I couldn't find anyone to be friended with. Someone that i can let my hair down with while or after work. But things changed after Yumar and Sab came knocking to my life.

This two fellas contributed quite a significant impact on me, molding me into what i am now. And i am very thankful that i got to know this two person which i officially claim as one of my valuable treasures i ever have.  

alamak..dah kul 2 pagi. akan bersambung.


Aiz said...

mama, hari nie i free skit nak baca blog you. dah lama i tak online. i confirm kan kat you yg status i skrang nie Single.. i sokong segala yg u wrote kat sini.
i dapat rasa yg u macam sedih sgt lately....i harap you tabah. i pun cuba utk tabah dan cekalkan hati yg lara nie. Kawan2 rapat tak boleh nak cari mama, tapi cik ki sgt senang untuk dicari. hehehe
i nak tanyer satu soalan kat you, harap you bole lah jawab dgn ikhlas, kalo something bad jadi kat i, if i'm dead, will you and others visit and show last respect to my funeral??

Ash-Junk said...

first and foremost, thank god that ur back to ur senses. i think there is no need for me to rewrite whatever discussed in our long trails of smses.

yes. kawan rapat bukan senang nak cari, thats why it is very important for me to treasure every single on of this. most people wouldn't agree with me when i write this, but to a certain extend, i do put my best friends first over others.

so from that u can figure out on ur own whether i'll be there to pay respect to ur last day on earth or visits to ur grave should u go before i do.

datin angelina vertebrata said...

ayo.. uols lara ni knp...KAO-KENAPA?~!! wake up gurls.. byk lagi menda nak buat... hiyaahhhhh~!.. kan.. melk klu lara melk gi shopping bra jer.. how

Ash-Junk said...

halo halo.. i dah kata awal2 i temanya lara. LAYAR LARA! bukan beli bra atau kasut saiz gergasi mcm blog u tau. huhuhuhu

i tak reti la nak tulis lucu2 macam u koyak. i tak cukup lucu macam u atau izu. larikkkkkkk