Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mental note to myself. If you want to get involve in a relationship with someone younger than you, especially if that person is uber young, be warned that you are going to deal with serious issue of maturity that might potentially leads to a disaster. That irregardless how attractive that person is (be it physically or qualities that he/she has). The person will never be able to see things the way you see it. Especially if it involves repercussion of a certain act of behavior.

Another mental note to myself, add another core value that you search in a person. Other than seeking a person that accept you as you are, able to be transparent, honest and trustworthy to each other. That person must also show some sense of maturity and portray some sort of goal that he or she wishes to achieve for themselves first before looking what relationship can offer for them.

The tone of my writing will eventually starts to change if i continue to dwell and this will only makes my blog gloomy as it previously was. So i'm gonna stop rambling about it and pick any other funny instances in my life to write about in the upcoming post. So bear with me for a while fellas while i search for the lighter side of me :)

Ahh.. and no.. the dark plot has nothing to do with my previous post. Not related at all.


Cik_PeaCock said...

I face the same issue as well *matilaa buat pengakuan terbuka sangat~ haha!

Ash Shinotsubaki said...

kita sekapal~